This web site is all about me and my journey from one thing to the next. I think I am eclectic in my philosophy and in what I like. I am the guy who roots for the underdog even if they loose. A few things to know.

• I am a musician. I play guitar and vocalize in a death metal band called GrimWolf. I picture myself playing classical, folk and blues when I hang up the death metal hat. I also really enjoy my recent discovery of the Native American Flute. I have just recently started recording that instrument.

• I am an artist. I like to draw though I am not that good at it. I like to create things in leather and wood. I also write, direct, edit my own videos, short films, shows, etc.

• I am a lover. I have an amazing wife and two really talented kids, both of whom I am very proud of. I am a lover of life and most things natural.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle, I am not some great guy. I have deep rooted anxiety that I combat.

…these are the musings of a musician, artist and lover.