Awakening Of The Voice

So I love listening to New Age music. As “death metal” as I am with all the aggression and destruction I love listening to peaceful, etherial music. In my years of listening to new age music I have always had a fondness for the Native American Flute (NAF). The NAF has an emotion that speaks directly to my heart and soul.

About a year ago I wrote a song called Skin Walker for my band GrimWolf. I thought it would be really awesome if I could get someone to play a little intro piece for it. I approached, via email, a number of well seasoned performers on youtube that I liked. All to no avail. Then I thought, what if I just did it.

At that time I had a guitar student that purchased a NAF that was just hanging on a nail in his living room. I asked if I could borrow it and he obliged. I kept it for a few months and during that time I devoured it. I learned the basics and then started to free form play. This instrument was made for improvisation. You can pick it up time and time again and never get bored.

To me it is therapeutic.

Author: Brent Wisdom

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