I’m Growing My Fingernails

So I’ve decided to grow my fingernails out. Why? To really dial in my flamenco and classical guitar styles. I really enjoy playing my little beater classical and I have aspirations to actually record an acoustic album sometime next year. If that happens or not still remains to be seen. However, I am growing out my fingernails. I’ve never grown my fingernails and in asking my wife if it would be weird she replied with, “I think it will be a little creepy”.

Yeah, guys with long fingernails tend to look a little suspicious, but I’m already a little suspicious so I am okay with it. To take it to the next level I won’t be growing out my nails on both hands. No, just my right hand, my picking hand. The nails on my other hand need to stay short so that I can fret the strings. So yeah, creepy factor, raised!

At any rate, I just started this process and it is bugging the shit out of me and my nails are microns longer than the tips of my fingers. This is going to be a long road. Not sure if I can do it, not even sure at this point that it is worth it. Time will tell.

Growing out my fugly fingers. Un-groomed and totally METAL, er um...classical.

Growing out my fugly fingers. Un-groomed and totally METAL, er um…classical.

Why do it?

Well when picking with your fingertips (skin) you get a muted sound. When picking with your nails it is brighter, an asset when playing a nylon string guitar. Why not just get finger picks? Because finger picks are annoying and I want to look a little more creepier than I already am. Ha ha ha.

No, seriously, it is strange to be attempting this whole growing my nails out thing. In a way it is stretching me in a few ways. For one I will only use the nails when playing guitar but the length of my nails will always be with me, getting in the way of things, breaking, needing to be groomed, etc. Is it worth it? At this point I don’t know. It could be way more hassle than it is worth, but I am willing to try.

Why not just use some Lee Press-On’s? Because that is lame, that is why, and kind of well um….lame. I want my own nails, it is a harder road to take but totally metal, er um…classical…that is if I can stick to it. I am sure typing will be a problem and scratching myself and others…hell, it already is.

So what is the point to all of this? Try something new, improve your craft even a little and even if it might fail. Take a chance…do something different. It is good for you.

That is all, have a great day!

Author: Brent Wisdom

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