Peavey 5150 and a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

A while back I read a post on a forum about a way to make the 5150 STFU! Many players like the sound of a hissing amp they say it sounds “alive”. Others, like myself, are more of the type that says if you’re not playing you shouldn’t be heard.

At-any-rate, I’ve found this configuration to suit my agressive metal style well. Though I only keep my gain at about 6.5 (on the crunch channel, 3 if on the lead) with my overdrive in front of the amp a healthy bit of hiss is pretty much constant. Enter the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. Is it the best pedal… Does it get the job done, ABSOLUTLY!

As you can see in my rig diagram that I have the Boss NS-2 going to both the front and the effects loop of the amp. ALSO NOTE that the cabling of the noise suppressor is in an “X” pattern.

What is happening is that you are sending the entire signal through the pedals effects loop and it is sensing the difference between the guitar noise (the stuff you want heard) and the amp noise (The stuff you don’t want heard).

I have my THRESHOLD set to MAX and the DECAY set to MIN and the MODE set to REDUCTION rather than mute. If I am playing with less overdrive or at lower volumes I will bring back the THRESHOLD nob a bit. If nothing else this is a good place to start and then dial in your knobs depending on your settings.

This makes for great “chug, chug, STOP” riffs and shuts the noise of the amp down on the “STOPS” rather well.

As a side note you can see I place my Delay unit after the noise suppressor……..if you have the delay or a reverb pedal before the NS your effect will go away when the NS clamps down. So any pedals you want to bleed after the stop place after the noise suppressor.

Author: Brent Wisdom

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