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I have been doing hot/cold therapy showers every since I did my 30 day detox back in February of this year. It is one the best things you can do for your body to promote circulation. An amazing thing for your body for internal ailments, and as I’ve learned, emotional and spiritual afflictions as well.

I must add a disclaimer however.

Consult your physician before attempting any hot cold therapy, especially those with heart conditions. I am not a doctor!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way. Some holistic practitioners swear by hot cold therapy, some even above the herbs they tout. With the 30 day detox I did from Dr. Schulze (www.herbdoc.com) in his book he said doing his prescribed “cold sheet treatment” is like doing a 30 day detox…..and this is just a one night procedure. I haven’t done a cold sheet treatment, yet, but I do the suggested hot/cold therapy in the shower.

The recommendation is as follows:

While taking a nice, warm shower, turn up the hot water until it’s as hot as you can stand it, making sure the hot water is hitting the area that is blocked or injured. When you’ve had the hot water on the area for about a minute, turn it off completely so that you have straight, cold water hitting the area. Let the cold water hit the area for 15-30 seconds. Now, it will be a shock. That’s okay. If you need to shake – Shake! If you need to cry – Cry! If you need to scream – Scream! And if you need to pee yourself – Hey, you’re in the shower. I’m always leery of anyone who can do a hot and cold shower without letting out a squeak. Let it out! Once the area is thoroughly cold after about thirty seconds, turn the hot water back up slowly until the hot water is as hot as you can stand it and leave it on that area for a minute. Once that area is hot for a minute, turn the hot water off quickly and turn the cold water on fully. The point is to shock your body. Repeat the hot and cold seven times. In the morning end with cold to stimulate you and wake you up. In the evening, end with hot to sedate and relax you. The procedure will only take between 10 and 15 minutes, but you will feel like a new person when it’s over. You can repeat this Hot and Cold Shower Routine again the same day or do a partial one just applying hot and cold water directly to the affected area. -Dr. Schulze

Hot/Cold therapy showers can be a spiritual and emotional experience.

Hot/Cold therapy showers can be a spiritual and emotional experience.

With a holistic mind set you are addressing issues from a number of perspectives. This is not allopathic healing the “one pill, one ill” mentality. This is holistic dealing with your whole being body, mind, soul. You see it has been taught by many healers in the past and present that different organs and systems in the body are linked to specific metal issues. For instance, your kidneys are related to fear issues, colon: letting go, liver: anger & resentment, etc. Do you have a problem in one of those areas it will more than likely be coupled with emotional issues from your past.

At any rate, all that set up to say when I was in the shower this morning doing a hot/cold shower dealing with an ailment I started to address the emotional side of it. The issues that came up as I prayed and meditated all while being blasted with hot and cold water was that of freedom. Being free to be who I am, free to love my wife, free to love my daughter, free to love my…son. As soon as my son came to mind I lost it, crying like a baby in the shower. If you’ve been following any of my posts you know I have some relationship issues with my Mom. It all stemmed from this.

It’s not that I am a bad father but I know that inside of me I hold back and it has to do with my issues with my Mom. All the “your not important”, “your not worth my time” issues have come out in my actions. Not that this is my intent or ever was…or that this intent was even my Mom’s toward me. That, however, is how it comes out…in our actions.

I don’t want to hold back, I WON’T HOLD BACK! I have to be everything I am suppose to be toward my son regardless of my issues, in fact, in spite of those issues. I know you cannot be a perfect parent we are imperfect beings, living in an imperfect world. My son needs me to be a father and a guide. I know that….I do it….but something else clicked, deeper inside of me. The dots connected and I saw a piece of the divine equation. Now to act on it.

Got to go now…I get to hug my son.

Author: Brent Wisdom

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